2018 Winter Cosmetic Picks – Lesley

Hello, lovely hackers and hacker adjacents! It’s the dead of winter here in Chicago – the absolute best time to counteract winter blues and chills by feeling great in your skin. Even if you’re fortunate to live somewhere blissfully warm during the winter months, these products will lift your spirits and feed your skin on even the shortest days.

#1 – Lush Body Conditioner –

Battling dry skin in harsh winter weather? Is lotion alone just not cutting it? Consider a new approach – natural skin conditioners by Lush. Applied similarly to hair conditioner, you apply these lotion-consistency creams in the shower, then rinse off and pat dry. Available in a variety of scents, they’re a super easy, low maintenance fix that will leave you feeling moisturized but not greasy, all day. We love a good skin care hack!

#2 & #3 – Fenty Beauty Foundation and Pro Filt’r Primer –

Okay, so I have to confess I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Fenty has made a name for it’s immense range of shades which fit nearly any skin tone. It’s no joke, and absolutely fantastic. As a pallid NW15,  I have a really hard time finding foundations in a warm or neutral tone that are pale enough to match my ‘monitor tan’. I was stunned to discover that the lightest Fenty shade, 100, was significantly too pale for me. I actually ended up being a balmy shade 120.

The foundation itself provides flawless, soft matte coverage using only a couple pumps. It feels light, and I’ve had no problems with creasing. The matching Pro Filt’r primer is also utterly fantastic with foundation or by itself, and one of my empties for December. I highly recommend testing these products in person at Sephora to find a great shade match for you.

#4 – Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel –

I was heartbroken when Target decided to stop carrying AmorePacific’s Laneige skin care products. South Korean beauty products have a reputation for being ahead of the curve scientifically and performance-wise, and the Laneige Water Gel was affordable and pretty ideal for dealing with dry, thirsty winter skin. So, in a pinch, I had to find an alternative product that was affordable and on shelves. I wanted something non-greasy with lots of hydration, with similar olive oil components. I could not be more pleased with Neutrogena’s new hyaluronic acid “Hydro Boost” line – specifically their water gel facial moisturizer. It’s light enough to wear under makeup, and moisturizing enough to put on before bed. The best part – the whole line is quite affordable and available at most drug stores!

[The only product in the Hydro Boost line I’ve been a little disappointed with is the day cream with SPF, which doesn’t seem to hold up through the day to me.]

#5 – Body Shop ‘Oils of Life‘ Revitalizing Facial Oil –

So, tried everything else, and your face or lips are still impossibly chapped? ‘Oils of Life’ from Body Shop is my last ditch suggestion before you see a dermatologist. A bit pricey for retail skin care at $55 for 1.7oz, I recommend testing this product in store before shelling out. For me, it is a miracle fix. Applied daily, it’s the only thing that keeps my skin from peeling after a bad sunburn or windburn in the wintertime. It’s lightweight and great for sensitive skin – I’ve had no problems with breakouts despite it being comprised primarily of seed oils.

(Neither I, nor VanitySec received any compensation or products in exchange for these reviews.)

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