Travel in Style | Accessorize Securely

Whether you’re flying to a security conference, or finally taking a much needed getaway. Here’s a list of the top accessories to fly it safe.


  1. Luggage set by Raden (A50 Set) – Sleek, stylish, and secure. Proximity sensors leverage Bluetooth technology. $595+ at Raden.
  2. RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet by Zoppen. $12.99; Comes in a wide array of options – Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, 3 Shades of Green, 2 Shades of Blue….the whole rainbow…you can find it here on Amazon. 
  3. Leather organizer called the TECH DOPP KIT 2 by This is Ground. $229.00; Comes in black, French grey, cognac, toffee, and bomber. This Is Ground.
  4. Portable power station to stay online and avoid plugging into any public charging stations. Powerstation XXL 20000 by Mophie. $99.95. ($84.95 on Amazon).
  5. Security keys that provide cryptographic encryption and touch to sign in functions. YubiKey 4 Series. $40.00-$50.00. Yubico.
  6. Vysk phone case that encrypts phone calls, and helps prevent eavesdropping. Incldues a microphone jammer, MITM protection, secure headphone port, and a camera shutter to prevent your phones camera from unauthorized access. $229.00 at Vysk.
  7. VPN client from NordVPN, the only VPN to get all the green checks on PCMag, check out their 2 year deal on their website NordVPN.
  8. Protect your peepers. Ray-Ban Clubmasters, maybe you’re going incognito…maybe you just need sunglasses. Either way these will help you get into stealth mode. Customize them for the ultimate combo of matte black on black. $150.00 at Ray-Ban.
  9. Leather RFID blocking backpack from Access Denied. This backpack is also convertible. $95.95. ($85.95 on Amazon).
  10. Leather RFID blocking unisex passport cover, the black on black made it a top pick. $7.99 on Amazon.
  11. Bitdefender antivirus and security software for your devices. Find the right package for your style on their website.
  12. Tiny Hardware Firewall, Belisarius Model from TP-LINK. Check out the review here on PCMAG. There’s lots of other fun gadgets at



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