4 Ways To Turn Your RSA Tokens From Drab To Fab

Submitted by EmilÆMaxima, VanitySec Guest Blogger

5 Ways To Turn Your RSA Tokens From Drab To Fab

Who among us hasn’t had our necks weighed down by RSA tokens at the end of our lanyards? Nobody, that’s who. Apart from the horrific condition colloquially known as “taco neck” that may develop from prolonged exposure to RSA tokens, an even more pressing concern has been raised among fashionable populations; “How can I keep these oddly shaped chips from cramping my style?”

VanitySec sees you.

Wrapping paper

It’s not just for holiday presents anymore! Grab you some wrapping paper and cover up that boring token case. There is a chance that the paper you use will make the token clash with your outfit, but that’s the beauty of using wrapping paper. Rip it off and wrap it again!


The ire of teachers and parents alike can make your RSA token look like the bottom of one of the cool kid’s skateboards. What better use for all those stickers you got at last year’s Derby than to use them as a mask for the ugliness that is the standard RSA token?

Stick-on Gems*

Stick on gems have been the default answer to de-uglifying the exterior of ubiquitous technologies for decades. With a little sparkle, you can turn that RSA token into a RSYAY token. You’ll gain respect from your peers and the attention of that special someone in the office who you of course would never consider going out with because your office rules strictly prohibit inter-office dating.

Use a soft token

Just ask your admin to let you use a soft token. Yeah, I know, not everybody wants to use their personal phone for soft token storage, but look at it this way. You can either choose one of these other awful solutions, or you can get rid of the hard token all together.

*Word of warning: stick-on Gems do have a tendency to chip off and could fall into hardware which may cause unforeseen hardware damage. Be sure to review your threat profile before using stick-on gems as your go-to solution for RSA token improvement.

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