Best Leggings for B&E

The fall season is upon us and it’s time to think about keeping warm during physical engagements, without sacrificing style. Here’s a roundup of the best leggings for scaling walls and crawling through ventilation ducts.

MeMoi offers over a hundred styles of durable leggings including shaper, capri, sequin, lace, pocketed, and more. Cute, fashionable, and practical for those quick trips to the data center.


Lululemon offers tons of rugged styles (both leggings and pants) sure to match nearly everything in your closet. Flatters most body types while offering durable flexibility for those long crawls over ceiling tiles.


Ashmei leggings feature comfort and thermo-regulation around the thighs, and a compressive, water resistant nylon on the calves. A phone-sized rear zipper pocket provides storage for lock pick kit. ashmei

ZVD x SP Galactic Leggings The go-to for the girl who loves to break into buildings (with signed authorization, of course), these leggings are breathable, sweat-wicking and UV protective. An all purpose legging that won’t cause chafing when your run from security.


Saucony tights in either women’s or men’s cut will keep you warm while wicking away sweat, and have a pocket big enough for your RFID cloner. Cutest when paired with empire waist top or dress, and sure to get you past the guard with all your concealed gear in tow.



Stay warm and be safe, and remember to keep a signed authorization on you at all times!

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